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Crazy 7 Slot

crazy-7-slotIt can be very easy to overlook the classic slot games when you are logged into any Playtech software powered online casino site! For there are so many video slots to play offering lots of features and bonus games those classic slots may look a little out of date.

However, do give this review of the Playtech designed and supplied Crazy 7 slot game a quick read through, for form time to time you may find it an appealing slot to play.

Staking and Payout Information

The basic playing structure of the Crazy 7 slot game has been kept as simple and as straight forward (like this one) as is possible for whilst there are not all manner of bonus games and bonus features attached to this slot it is an easy to play and quite fast playing slot.

The all important piece of information you will need to know if this is the type of slot game that appeals to you is its payout percentage, and with a certified RTP of a huge 97.21% this is one of Playtech’s higher paying slots.  Double Bubble is another game similar to this.

By playing three coins spins you could win a jackpot worth 400 coins, whilst that may seem a tiny jackpot when compared to many other slot games you are going to be amazed at just how regularly that jackpot is awarded to you when playing this slot online!

Bonus Features and Bonus Games

One thing that you will never have to worry about if you choose to play the Crazy 7 slot game is learning how to play off its bonus games! This is one of the many different classic slots which are found in the gaming suite of all Playtech casinos that have no bonus games on offer.

However, as a slot player having no bonus games being awarded to you will of course mean you do get a much faster type of playing session, and whilst the jackpots are not huge on this slot the payout percentage certainly is.

That high payout percentage will certainly make up for the lack of any type of bonus rounds, however if you are seeking out some slots which can offer free spins, wheel spinning or even pick to win bonus games there will always be more than enough of those types of slots available at all Playtech software powered casino sites!

Playing Tip

You will have been impressed by the very high and very attractive payout percentage of this Crazy 7 slot game and with it returning much more of players’ stakes as winning payouts this is the type of slot game which should always be on your list of slots to play.

Keep in mind that as this slot does come with such a high payout percentage you are going to get long playing sessions due to the high hit frequency of its winning combinations and that will mean you earn lots more comp points when playing it online so make sure you do play it is our top tip!